In the beginning before there was Earth or sky darkness or sunlight the creator made a 4 legged animal out of clay and called him COYOTE. I have been hunting Coyotes now for 41 years and have been turning custom calls for 26 years and have harvested between 800 -1000 coyotes. I have logged over 18000 miles in the Red Desert of Wyoming and as many miles in the desert in AZ,UT,CO,NM,NV and others.
I started RARE EARTH back in the early 90′,at that time I only made calls out of Hard Rock Bird’s Maple. It was one way to make money to get out West to compete, at that time there was only one Coyote calling contest ,and it was the Wyoming State Coyote calling contest.

We were sponsored by Burnham Brotheres who gave us backup elecetonics, Winchester gave us all the ammo we could shoot, and Budget Rent-A-Car gave us a new 4×4 every year. The only problem was that they just gave us stuff & we coulden’t spend stuff on a Motel or food. So I started making calls. I wanted to make a call that was attractive and living in Michigan we had Hard Rock Bird’s Maple. We sold enough to pay for our fule and more.

It was in Wyoming that I met Bill Countess & Larry Sims. Bill & Larry were also sponserd by Burnham Brothers. Bill Countess was Head of Animal Damage Control for the Ute Mountain Indians in the 4 corners of Colorado. I gave Bill a call and he told me he had never heard a call like it before and ordered 24, with extra reeds. He raved about the call and I started thinking the only difference in my calls and the Generic ones was the medium I was working with. The weels started to turn and I thought to myself Hard Wood was what made the sound different.

I knew where to get Hard wood, and Rare Earth Calls grew from there. During those years it was all about winning the Wyoming Shoot and the World Coyote Calling Championship. Then my health went down hill and I put all my attention into my calls. I made sure to put my calls into the hands of some of best callers in the U.S. and the first year RARE EARTH CALLS were out they placed 5th in Wyoming and have been in the top ten ever since.