Rare Earth Custom Predator Calls

All our calls are hand turned and each provides a unique sound of its own that is guaranteed to call in predators. Most calls are available in 30 exotic woods each with its own unique sound.

She Bitch Howler

The She Bitch Howler, is just that a call to make Coyote Vocals (howls ,barks,ki-yi, pup distress, large and small dog). The call is 7″ in length and is offered in a variety of woods. This call will reach out to 1.5 miles.


The Magnum is a Wheem’s style call with a few of my secrets built in. This call comes tuned in Cotton-tail or Jack-rabbit depending on your desired sound. The Magnum is a great distress call that produces a wide range of sounds at high volume for those days when you need a louder sound.

HSB (Hurt Son of a Bitch)

The HSB is a smaller version of our Magnum call. The difference is in the sound chamber which is smaller and allows the call to produce a different range of sounds. This call is perfect for making a wide range of distress sounds that effectively work on predators.

Red-F (Rare Earth’s Death Frequency)

The RED -F came about after competing for a World title in Kansas. The RED-F is a higher pitched call that is perfect at making bird and rodent distress sounds. The name RED-F stands for RARE EARTH’S DEATH FREQUENCY and it is a very versatile and deadly call.

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